Monday, May 11, 2009

Install Wii Homebrew Channel Without Zelda Twilight Hack (Includes NeoGamma and #002 fix) any wii works!

to convert wii pal games to ntsc and ntsc to pal:

The old tutorial has been replaced by this one.  If you wish to view the old tutorial, please go here:

This link includes extra files including wii gator gamma:
You can load these files through the WadManager program in the homebrew channel

WIITOOlS 1.7  -  Amazing package for wii hackers

4.1 Users or below:

Things you need:
SD card (formated to FAT16).
This file:

^SD card optimized for wii^
The BootMii program may not recognize other sd cards

  1. extract the files from the rar file to the root of the sd card
  2. Go to the wii menu; wii options; data management; channels; SD card
  3. Put the sd card in the wii
  4. Wait for about 5 seconds for boot.elf to appear
  5. Load boot.elf
  6. Install BootMii as boot2 if possible, if not then install as cIOS
  7. Click "Install Homebrew Channel"
  8. You can install NeoGamma through the WadManager part of the homebrew channel 
That's all!

If you wish to back up your wii, continue on through this thread:
All of the files you need are already on your sd card

4.2 Users:

Things you need:
SD card (formated to FAT16).  Again, some SD cards may not be recognized by the BootMii program
This file:
Password is:

  1. Extract files from the rar to the root of the sd card (right click on the rar, extract to..., X:\ (where X is your sd card drive letter))
  2. Click on the SD card icon on the main menu of the wii
  3. Insert your SD card
  4. wait 5 seconds...
  5. Click on "load boot.elf"
  6. Install BootMii as boot2 if possible, if not the install as cIOS
  7. Install the homebrew channel
  8. You can install NeoGamma through the WadManager part of the homebrew channel

  If you wish to back up your wii, continue on through this thread:
All of the files you need are already on your sd card


  1. The "Here" mediafire link is missing the file

  2. I just posted a mirror link for you guys.

    I recommend you just update to 4.0 firmware and go from there.


    if you wanted it...

  4. Worked like a charm, thx alot m8 for all the info

  5. hi do you know how to fix the #002 error message im getting it on one or two backus - excellent mod by the way



  6. when I first modded mine and tried to run the backup the disk had the wrong strings and the game looked like a really old tv trying to find a channel. All fuzzy.

    First try slowing the write speed as much as possible when you burn the disk.
    Next, if you own the game I read that it is legal to download a copy off the internet if the disk isn't working.
    If you come from the Americas, download a NTSC disk. If you come from European countries, download a PAL disk.

    Try that to get it working first and if it doesn't, post again and I'll try to fix your problem.

  7. Hello

    I followed the instructions and also upgraded my firmware to 4.0. I download the 4.0 Softmod and placed it on my SD card. However when I go to the Wii Chanels and bring up the SD card nothing is happening.

    Pleae Help


  8. Same here upgraded and when i got sd card channel nothing.


    try this- it's a newer

  10. hi i have installed everything as instructed, everything appears to be ok except i am getting error message #002 what does this mean

  11. try this for all the #002 errors:

  12. how big does the SD card have to be

  13. the files on mine only take up 60 megabytes. but if you would want to put more on, I would get at least a 70-80mb card

  14. is the usb loader in this package or seperate.

  15. I think it is separate. go here to find the usb loader

  16. the exact site for the usb loader is here:

  17. nothing happens when i go to channels/ sd
    just says how many blocks are free.
    nothing loads.
    why is this?

  18. Make sure boot.dol is in the root of the sd card.

    This is what my card looks like (i may have added some things that you might not have)

  19. thanks joshua, i got it going now, jus get error 2011 or something when i try installing CIOSv7.wad

  20. you're welcome. A lot of the errors won't effect you either. There are fixes for some of them but for the most part it's all good

  21. Just about to try this. When I go to format my SD card it only gives me the options FAT(default),FAT 32,NTFS or exFAT. Is one of these options the one I need or do I have to do something else. Thanks

  22. Fat(default) is the correct way to do it.

  23. i have firmware 3.1
    so witch folder do i put on the sd card
    and do i need any other files to get it to work or is it in the softmod pack?


  24. just put everything in the pack on the card.
    Everything you need is in the pack.

  25. having trouble with 4.1

    keep getting disk error 324

    help? required if possible

  26. I never worked with 4.1

    all i can say is to try this site for updates-

  27. How can I solve error #002 with firmware versione 4.1E?

    IOS61 v19.26
    HomeBrew Channel v.1.0.3
    Backup Launcher v.0.3 Gamma


  28. this is a great thread here-

    this thread may look confusing, but each part is a different program. I recommend using this one:
    Compiled : buby78
    Sound : yes looped
    Unique id : 1020
    Blocks : 22
    Tested by : buby78

    Download :

  29. Surfing on the web, I discover that firmware v.4.1E is not compatible with a lot of software.

    Do you think that buby78 is compatible with my console?


  30. I think it would work. If not i would try one of the other many programs on that thread.

    The best way to work things out is by trial and error. If it doesn't work, just delete the program.

  31. How can I install a WAD file?
    Thanks a lot.

  32. if I remember correctly,
    Plug in your sd card with everything on it from the package + the WAD file

    Go to the homebrew app (this should be installed already)

    In homebrew run "wadmanager"

    find the WAD file and install it from there.

    If this didn't help ask again with the problems you are having

    You're very welcome btw

  33. hi,
    i have firmware below 3.4 but there are no 3.4 or 4.0 folder in the mirror link there is only one folder called sd root

  34. hi'
    i have installled everything fine i was just wondering what files could i delete from my sd card

  35. everytime i click on the SD card icon my wii freezes

  36. the sd root folder is all you need for any firmware below 4.0

    once you finish installing everything I would leave all of this stuff on the st card because it includes programs you need to install extra stuff. it's only 60 mb anyway.

  37. whenever i access the sd card it always freezes

  38. Try accessing the sd card through the menu instead of the icon on the home screen

  39. when i do that it comes up with something about boot.dol

  40. That's good. Load boot.dol and you will come up with a program that this tutorial takes you through to install homebrew

  41. i have already done the homebrew and the wads i just want to put a save file on my sd card

  42. you can just copy all the contents of the sd card to your computer if you want cause unless you want to install something else like that, you don't need the files. This'll open up the space for the savegame.

  43. 2) "Download and extract the above file. It will extract to a SoftmodPack folder. There are 2 folders inside this folder. The 3.4 folder is for users with 3.4 or below firmware. The 4.0 folder is for users that have 4.0 firmware."

    I've downloaded the file, extracted it and when I open it, I only get 1 file called "SD Root" and all the contents inside that folder. I have wii firmware 3.1u if that helps.

  44. OK, I'm sorry about all the confusion. I have updated the link because the first one was broken and SD Root folder in this updated link should cover both 3.4 and 4.0 firmware.

  45. I've used the new link, which covers the 4.0 AND THE 3.4 FIRMWARE. upon inserting the sd card at the right time, i do not get the option to load/boot.

    I only have three folders and nothing else in my SD card root.

    my wii is french and 3.4E.

    Is there a way to update it to 4.0 without renting a game that has the update on it, and without wifi? The only way I know for now is to hack the wii, put in mario galaxy, which will put 4.0 on it, and then hack it again.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  46. The only way that I know how to updated it is through the internet. Sorry about that part.

    Since nothing is popping up on your wii I will upload a zip file of everything I have on my sd card.
    Here are the contents:
    -----The original files found in the softmodpack
    -----The usbloader installation files
    -----boot.dol (this is what should have popped up)

    I will update this momentarily.

  47. okay here it is:

    The readme text might not apply to you so I wouldn't bother with it for now.

    Delete the pack that you already have on the sd card and just copy this to it. Try again with the tutorial and please leave a comment saying how this worked out.

  48. I'm downloading as we speak. Or write.

    Before I continue' and post my results, let me inquire: do your SD card files also apply for 4.1?

  49. To tell you the truth, I don't know if they would work on 4.1.

    Since I haven't a wii with that firmware, I never downloaded the 4.1 files from the site.

    If you want, I can update the sd card file so that it will work with all versions so far.

  50. ok, so the load/boot.lod showed up, I see a black screen and all, but the instructions are confusing for me because when I need to choose which file to start from the SD card, I don't know which one to choose!

    I've tried almost every option and I still don't have the homebrew channel.

    any hints?

  51. try to use the 4.0 instructions even though your wii isn't a 4.0.

    Based on the knowledge I've gathered it should still work for the other firmwares below it.

  52. Hi, i am in the same situation as Milan, running on 3.4. So far i have tried the 4.0 tutorial that you have suggested and i am stuck on the downgrade ios35 part.

    When i press A for it to run it says "initialzing network.." then a few minutes later it failed. Quite possibly b/c my internet falied?

    So when i fixed my internet connection and tried to downgrade again it says "failed to add title, maybe you already ran this?"

    So now i do not know what to do, i cannot proceed through the tutorial.

    Maybe you could send the 3.4 files it would be a lot easier thanks.


    try this if you couldn't get the original softmodpack to work

    I mixed some of the 4.0 stuff in there but try using the 3.4 tutorial first.

  54. I downloaded the pack the you posted on August 19 and it came up with a screen that says "****** EXCEPTION OCCURRED!*********"
    and it froze my wii and I have tried it two times and have gotten the same result.
    My wii is 3.3u.

  55. The whole message says, "******** EXCEPTION OCCURRED! ********", "FrameMemory:90000940H", "---MainInfo---", "CONTEXT:8111BA58H (ISI EXCEPTION)", "SRR0: 00000000H SRR1:1000A032H", "DSISR: 00000000H DAR: 00000000H", "---EXCEPTION_INFO_TRACE---", "-------------------------------- TRACE", "Address: BackChain LR save", and then it is 27 sets of 8 hexadecimal.

    I can post a link to picture if needed.

  56. Sorry about that,

    The pack I posted was something I put together for my 4.0, but I put some 3.4 and under stuff in there as well. If there is any way you can upgrade your wii to 4.0 then my pack will work perfectly.
    If you can only upgade it to 4.1, that will work fine too. Just use the link I provided for 4.1 firmware wiis.

  57. The link you provided for 4.1 firmware Wiis is dead...


  59. Hi,I would like to know if I have to connect my wii to install the Homebrew with one of the ways showed...


  60. no you do not need internet connection unless you want to upgrade it first

  61. Hi, my Wii version is 3.1u and I'm trying to install Visual Boy Advance and put in some virtual console games (Super Mario Bros 3, Ocarina of Time, etc.), but the Homebrew Channel requires internet connection and my Datel Wii LAN adapter that I got 2 years ago will no longer work with my Motorola SB5101 SURFBOARD CABLE MODEM and I'm poor. I don't know what people mean by "root" of the sd card.
    Any alternatives?

  62. When you see "root" of the sd card, we mean when you plug in your sd, click on computer, and click on the sd card. you should now be in the "root" of the sd card.
    Basically, you don't go into any subfolders.

    If you have a friend that has any new games such as mario galaxy, if you borrow and run it once, it should automatically update your wii through the disk. Updating the wii through new games should be the easiest way for you.

    This way you don't need internet connection.

  63. Hi there, my wii ver is 3.3u and im trying to install the homebrew. When ever i open the 'Softmod pack' folder, i don't see two folders named 3.4 or 4.0. What i see is a folder named 'SD Root' and in that folder there are three other folders 'apps', 'images', 'wad'. I can't find the 3.4 firmware folder and i don't know which files are to be dragged to the sd card root. So can u please guide me what to do to run the homebrew without the zelda twilight or install the backup loader channel.

  64. Drag that whole thing to your sd card root.

  65. I tried to drag the whole thing but still my wii doesn't recognize it. I don't see anything in the Sd Card under 'Channels'. Please hurry i can't wait to play my backedup games.

  66. Harris,
    Try upgrading your wii to 4.0 or 4.1 and then use those tutorials. anything less than 4.0 seems to be having problems now.
    you can upgrade via a the internet:

    The 4.0 tutorial is the easiest and it definately works because that's what I used.

  67. josh I am new to this I have installed the homebrew channel without the twlight princess Homebrew channel is there.. i done everything right...I just need to know what exactly my next step is Im confused with all this 4.0 play backups what do i do next...thanks in advance

  68. ohh and i have ver 3.4 but i dont have it connected to the internet is that going to be a problem

  69. Hey
    Is there another channel already there that installed with homebrew, it will be called wii gator backup or something like that.

    If there isn't another channel that installed with homebrew, download this-
    and do this:
    -copy everything in it to the sd card
    -go to the homebrew channel
    -launch wadmanager
    -install something like wiigator.wad (it might have a different title)
    -after you install the wad, there will be a new channel called wii gator backup launcher.
    -click on this channel to play backup games!

    good luck
    if you installed homebrew already, you do not need to worry about 4.0 or anything.

  70. thank you sooo much im going to try that now and i have seen where pal games are the best(or thats wat ppl r saying) is that wat i need to look 4? and any advice on good places to get backups i use demoid and seen piratebay had some?? thanks again

  71. yes another thing i forgot ( Im sorry what about being able to play dvds and audio cds??what do I need to get for that...thanks for helping out us newbies ive been around for along time back in the late 90's I was away for awhile (if u know wat i mean) when i got out i was soooo lost and still am lol..

  72. okay it gave me an error i hit install the first wad like a iso# didnt scroll down far enough to see the gator one did i screw this up or wat can i do now?

  73. alrighty, the wad is wiigatorgamma.wad

    you already have homebrew installed right?

    and yes, the pirate bay is good for games

  74. it was iso36 which one was i suppose to use? was that right or am i just doing something wrong when i tried to install the wiigator it said ticket error


    here this might make it a ton clearer ;)

  76. okat i looked at that so are you saying i need to do the wiifix? and downgrade? if so my problem is my wii isint hooked up to the internet

  77. yes i know to install the wiigammagator but when i open the wadmanger i have to choose whice iso i wanna use first theres like 10 diffrent choices...know which one i need to use?

  78. I don't know...
    Try scrolling down when you get to the wadmanager. If you can't scroll down, delete all the other wads from the wad folder except the one you need and try to install it then.

  79. well im confused i guess i am gonna give up

  80. i sure wish u could help me more ; )

  81. what if i paid u to call me an walk me thru this step by step

  82. Hey, I have wii version 3.3u and i just installed the homebrew channel. But when i tried to play the burnt dvd game, it did not work. I mean i inserted the dvd ands went to the homebrew channel from the system menu. But nothing happened. All i get is "network not initiated" what did i do wrong? Do i need the net to use homebrew channel or something??? Please reply and thanks in advance.

  83. the homebrew channel is only made to install other channels such as backup loader channels. you would use a backup loader channel to play a burnt dvd game. here is a good one I use with step by step instructions for the installation:

  84. Hey if i uninstall the homebrew channel will it effect my backup launcher in any way?????

  85. It will not effect the backup launcher. the homebrew channel was only really used to install it. Go for it!!!

  86. hmm ive done what you said but the load thing doesnt work when i go into data mangement, chanels sd card? anyone ? know ! this is frustruating me

  87. On the upgraded version of the firmware there will be a little sd card symbol on the bottom of the screen. try clicking that.
    Also, make sure you extracted all the files to the root of the card

  88. doesnt work..... all my files are out except the wads one which is in one folder. but boot.dol is out. ive tried everything remofrting to fat32,default put it in wii and nothing happens just says blocks left : 7273 My wii is 4.1E and its LAH 701

  89. okays found out the problem the one with 4.0fw doesnt have bannerbomb so you gotta download it =S

  90. Yeah I remember having to download something... Thanks a ton for the name of it so I can let everyone else know. You just solved a problem a lot of people have been having. I will put a link for bannerbomb up once i find it.

  91. lols no worries =)

  92. oh yeah btw do you think the 4.0 method works with 4.2E?

  93. The 4.0 didn't work with 4.1 so I don't think these files will work with 4.2. I'll post whatever I find on the topic.

  94. Yes I think it will work, just use this version of bannerbomb-

    If the 4.2 firmware bricks homebrew after you install it though, please report back and I'll try to find a way to downgrade it back to 4.0 or 4.1


  96. I've installed homebrew channel on my wii v4.2e, all the games work but i cannot get any dvds to play or back up or play any copies, any ideas? (i installed using hackmii installer v0.6 and bannerbomb) Would it be any easier to gat brewii?

  97. try

  98. ow do you get all the apps on the wii menu instead of going through the homebrew channel all the time. I've been told Homebrew launcher but i haven't been able to install it. any ideas?

  99. I noticed that in your section about 4.0 firmware that the link doesn work ( I would like to know if these are available out there anywhere else?


    Use this, it's bigger, but has the usb loader..

    It's basically the softmod pack I downloaded months ago.

  101. How do I do to get hombrew channel to work with V4.3e?

  102. downgrade your wii firmware first.
    It might not work with some games though, but if it doesn't, you can easily upgrade again

  103. I have 3.4E and worked perfectly...thanks.
    Just curious, what do the other files in there do?..just wanted to know from you incase they brick mine...thanks again.

  104. this is off my memory, and half of it doesn't even need to be installed, for I just copied everything I had from my SD card to a zip file so I could be sure it would work for more of you guys :D

    first of all, I added files so it would work on multiple firmwares, mine being 4.0, yours being 3.4 for instance.

    I included a usb loader (I never used this one), so you can load games off of a usb drive in the back of your wii.

    wiiGatorGamma is a loader for non-original disk games. I think installing homebrew already gave you a backup loader, but I cannot be sure. this one is the one I use

    all the IOS's and stuff (such as IOS36-64-v1042) are used in the installation, dependent upon what system version you have

    suckit.sfv as I recall is used in the installation

    wadmanager, obiously allows for additional .wad installations through the homebrew channel. This is what you click on to install extras you may have found online.

    HBC.wad would be our beloved homebrew channel

    they shouldn't brick your wii, because firmware is like an antivirus, it won't figure out what the thing you installed actually does until you update it

  105. I get the 002 error...I backed up my games to a usb hard drive...Is there a wad out there that can read off this drive to fix this 002 error...Ive found ones that fix if you backed up game onto disc, but am after one that fixes error from the usb drive...thanks.

  106. curious, what is your version...I tried your unzip everything to the sd card zip on a 4.0e and the sd card freezes....cant get to the boot.dol part

  107. It's 4.0, so it should work. try downloading the bannerbombs at the top of the tutorial.

  108. yeah still freezes at the sd card, cant get to yours a 4.0e?

  109. my wii is the 4.2 version and i downloaded the softmod and have the hebrew chanell but was just wondering how to get games on to my wii now

  110. well, the point of homebrewing your wii was to allow you to play non-original copies of games. This includes backups of disks. I cannot post illegal subjects on my site so you can use your imagination. These backups are played through the gamma backup launcher channel

  111. I'm softmodding a Wii with version 3.1 on it. I wanted to know whether you recommend I upgrade it to 3.4 or higher? Or would it be better to leave it on 3.1?

  112. If you could get it to 3.4, 4.0, or 4.1, I can assure you that many people have gotten it to work with those right on this site. I've been hearing of compatibility issues with 3.1

    I wouldn't just upgrade it to the absolute newest firmware because I have little experience with that one.

    If it makes you feel safer, try 3.1 first but I personally recommend upgrading to one of those.

  113. Well, if that's the case, what game game upgrades to 3.4? What's the best way to upgrade to 3.4 without using a game?

  114. I couldn't find another way to upgrade without the internet so just try installing homebrew on 3.1 first

  115. i don't get the fisrt part:
    There are 2 folders inside this folder. The 3.4 folder is for users with 3.4 or below firmware.
    in which download???
    there are no '3.4' folder in either 'unzip everything to the sd,
    tell me plz
    i have 3.3j

  116. one more thing sry,
    i tried the file:unzip everything to the sd
    nothing happened.
    and i noticed the first lines,
    if the boot.dol doesn't appear, try this...
    i download the,
    in that zip archive, there is a private folder with lotts of subfolders.
    do i need to extract it to the root of my sd?
    if yes, do i need to format my sd card again?
    if no, it says merge private folder with private?
    i click yes or no?
    or do i delete the original private folder, andreplace it with the private folder from the
    plz help
    really need homebrew

  117. for your first question-
    - That's what was intended for you to use
    for your second question-
    - no
    - then merge the folder with private
    - click "replace" if it ever asks you to replace a file

  118. i tried it on my wii, but theboot.elf didn't load!!!!!
    even with the!!

    (yoganpoke, i'm at school!!!!!!)
    plz plz plz help!!!!
    otherwise i will have to go and pay to install homebrew and trust me, it's really expensive.
    about 100 usd

  119. I can't say what to do, the only thing is to try and find a twilight princess or lego indiana jones game and upgrade with those hacked save games..

    keep trying and just mess around with the placements

  120. what do you mean by upgrade by those hacked save games???
    you want me to upgrade my firmware version?
    how do we do that???
    plzplzpzlzpzlzplzplzplz help

  121. never mind, i just got homebrew today, and backup launcher, neogamma, i got it where i bought it.(they also changed my language.)
    it costed me about 1500 rupees.(mauritius)
    that makes about 50 usd
    anyway, thx for ur gr8 tutorial

  122. yeah, sorry about that, but I didn't know what else to say, and I never used that type of wii before.

    But thanks, now I know that you can change the language of the wii, which would have made it all work

  123. if you want to know how to install a new language, delete the firmware completly,when you turn on the screen, there should be a message saying:
    cannot launch the wii firmware, please install the a new firmware, put in the cd homebreware( i borrowed it from a friend), and download the and extract all the files to the root of your sd card.
    there should be a few options,
    install wii firmware (dunno the version)
    install firmware + english language pack.
    then, it will automatically install the wii firmware in it's new language, + the homebrew channel.
    sorry, i don't know the links for where to get the
    i tried googling it, but no result.
    hope i helped

  124. thanks yoganpoke, I will look into this and add it to the tutorial

  125. all preceding comments apply to the older tutorial.

  126. Hello,
    I softmoded my Wii 4.2e, but I thing I missed some points. I can play backup copies of my disks but sometimes during certan games my console block completeley.
    Do you think I can update again my console to the clean 4.2e and try to soft moded again? Or this will brick my wii?
    thank you,

  127. I don't think you can

    When your wii stops during games, it may not be the softmod job's fault.

    Try to find an update for the NeoGamma first, or install another backup loader such as wii gator gamma, this should help fix your problem.

    I was having similar problems with Mario Kart a few months back.

    Write back if this doesn't help

  128. Thank you for the answer.
    I will try. Indeed Mario Kart is one of the games. It blocks if at the beginning of the race when you have a few images of the circuit I click a button to cancel this and start the race imediately.

    I'll be back with more news if I have.

  129. hey!! me again....(yoganpoke...
    so, joshua, i think i said that my wii was 3.3j...
    that was the main issue....
    i mean that the main issue is that i DON'T UNDERSTAND JAPANESE!!lolinstead of going to channels, i went to the other one, sd management thingy
    so, my friend just got a wii 3.4e...YUPIIII
    i was sure that tryin ur methid would work one i followed step by step ur tutorial....
    and geuss what?
    i died!!!
    IT WORKED!!!!
    SO GUYS...
    if u need help u can also ask me
    (don't wanna steel ur place joshua)lol
    i'll be doin a video to show u...

  130. well hello yoganpoke! haha

    I'm glad I could find something that would work for you! and btw, I found a totally new tutorial than what we had before, hopefully this one is much easier if you ever want to try

    Thanks for returning! if you haven't noticed, the site has changed quite a bit since you last came here lol

    and finally, good luck with the video! I bet it'll help plenty on this topic!

  131. HEY GUYS, i found thid tool long ago, and u really need this for your games,
    WIITOOLS 1.7.
    this includes:
    trucha sign
    wbfs manager(usbloader)

    here is a picture of it!

  132. and one more thing that i fgt...sry
    what version of cIOS is this?

  133. the most updated version, and the one that you install, in this package is cIOS38-64-v3867

  134. and thanks for posting wiitools!
    i will be using that a lot now!

  135. Hi,

    You have a nice blog. Now there is an easy way to unlock your WII. WII Homebrew can unlock WII within 5 minutes. You can check it out here

  136. Thanks, but although it may do it in 5 minutes, it costs $30 bucks, it's not free.
    This is free, and according to the real makers of the wii homebrew channel, homebrew is to be open source forever.

  137. And once these files are downloaded, I've homebrewed my wii in about 4 minutes anyway.

    That's without the cost for shipping...

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